Plant once and have a harvest "for centuries": a list of plants

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Plant once and have a harvest 'for centuries': a list of plants

Most crops grown in the garden are harvested in the fall. But there are perennials that can produce crops for many years.

According to Agracultura, some perennials can be planted even in the fall. They will yield crops for the next season.

You can plant artichokes in the fall. They need fertile, moist and drained soil. Usually, seedlings are grown first, which are planted in a permanent place in May. For the winter, artichokes are mulched with compost, grass or straw.

Kale or kale is a biennial plant, and if you cover it for the winter, any variety of kale can produce fresh greens before flowering next spring.

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Watercress is a perennial green and spicy-aromatic plant that tastes like watercress. It likes waterlogged soils and grows well in the shade. Low areas of the garden are suitable for planting, or you can plant the plant near a drainpipe. It will grow like a weed if it is constantly watered. This plant bears fruit all season long - from spring to frost.

For an "eternal harvest," you can sow thyme, oregano, rosemary, basil, various types of mint, sage, and lovage as early as September.

Rhubarb, horseradish, sorrel, and leaf mustard will also bear fruit every year.

In September, you can also plant batun - this cold-resistant onion can grow in one place for up to 6 years.

Try planting wild garlic (bear garlic) as well. This is a perennial plant that will release its first vitamin leaves in March. After flowering, seeds fall from the wild garlic. They will germinate only next year. Wild garlic also reproduces vegetatively.

Before the onset of the cold season, summer residents begin to prepare for winter. During this period, one of the most important procedures is to protect plants in the garden from pests. To do this, you can use a home remedy prepared on the basis of a well-known fertilizer.

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