It's become a trend: Why the Chinese drink hot water and how it affects the body

Ihor Romanko

It's become a trend: Why the Chinese drink hot water and how it affects the body
It's become a trend: Why the Chinese drink hot water and how it affects the body

Hot water as a dietary component has great value in China, Japan and India. In early November 2022, Asahi, a Japanese company known for its food and beverage products, introduced a new product to the public - bottled hot water.

This 50 to 60 degrees Celsius beverage is available in 340 ml plastic bottles and costs between 105 yen (Dh2.86) and 113 yen (Dh3.07), depending on the store, reports gulfnews. com.

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China is a country where hot water is hugely popular and it  is seen at all levels of society and in different seasons of the year, including summer. Public transportation and other public places have conveniently located hot water standpipes, and there are always lines of people with thermoses in front of them. Many foreign tourists visiting China may be surprised by this practice, as not all restaurants can easily get cold water, especially in winter.

It should be noted that hot water is even served at national conferences for delegates. As described by Nicole Liu of the Los Angeles Times, at such events, brigades of young women carry thermoses and pour drinks for attendees. Some  people even use boiling hot water to make tea, while others just drink it directly.

It is also interesting that Chinese passengers on board airlines can order hot water, which distinguishes them from other passengers. This feature was discovered by a Lebanese flight attendant from an airline based in the United Arab Emirates.

Now, the question that many foreign visitors to China are wondering is why is it so popular for the Chinese to consume hot water? However, the answer to this question is not yet unequivocal.

Although the exact history of the beginning of this practice remains unknown, some indications can be found in archaeological studies. Scale marks on the inside of early pottery dating from around 2500-3500 BCE and burn marks on the bottom of a vessel indicate a possible early practice of drinking boiled water in Shandong Province, China.

According to Chinese medicine and philosophy, "qi" is the life force that people and things have, and it is a key concept in Chinese medicine and acupuncture. According to physician Peng Gao, this concept points to the importance of keeping the body warm. Hot water promotes this process and also helps the body absorb nutrients more easily.

Keep in mind that hot water should be drunk with caution, cooling it to a temperature slightly above body temperature to feel comfortable drinking it. According to the doctor, this helps to retain heat in the body and strengthen the immune system, especially during the cold season. Hot water can be helpful in fighting colds and other illnesses that worsen in cold conditions.

Warning: this content is for informational purposes only and does not contain any medical advice. For medication, diagnoses and other medical advice, consult your doctor.

Recall, a group of scientists published a study on the amount of water that is recommended to drink every day. In their study, they confirmed that it is impossible to summarize the universal standard of each person.

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