Forget about hard towels: a life hack to make them fluffy again

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Forget about hard towels: a life hack to make them fluffy again
How to restore the softness of towels. Source: Pixabay

A fluffy and soft terry towel is what you want to wrap yourself in after taking a bath. Any housewife knows that towels lose their original qualities over time, even if they are washed thoroughly. Using hot water and intense spinning in a washing machine can make the pile stiff.

Often, towels that have lost their softness are simply thrown away and new ones are bought. However, there is a simple home life hack that will help restore softness to towels without extra costs and the use of chemicals, TSN writes.

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How to restore softness to terry towels

In order to restore the towels to their original softness and fluffiness, you can use a simple product - table salt. There is no need to add it directly to the washing machine drum. Instead, prepare a salt solution and soak your laundry in it.

Here's how to do it: first, wash the towels as you normally would. Then soak them for one hour in a warm salt solution, using the ratio of three tablespoons of salt for every three liters of water, or one tablespoon per liter of water. After that, rinse the towels thoroughly in warm water. It's important to wring them out by hand and shake them well before hanging them out to dry. According to experienced housewives, this simple procedure will restore the towels to their softness.

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