Denmark travel guide: unique things to do for an unforgettable trip

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Denmark travel guide: unique things to do for an unforgettable trip
A selection of unique things in Denmark that few people know about. Source: pixabay

Denmark is the smallest country in Scandinavia, which welcomes tourists to its magical world and attracts them so much. A country where both adults and children will be interested.

It is a country that perfectly combines historical sites and the beauty of untouched nature. Denmark is often praised for its popular tourist destinations and iconic sights, but it also has a secret treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered. Newsbytesapp.com offers a list of interesting, unique things to do in Denmark.

CopenHill: the world's highest climbing wall

CopenHill in Copenhagen is a power plant that converts urban waste into energy. However, you can also go rock climbing, hiking, or skiing here. This place, designed by BIG Architects, has a 100-meter artificial mountain that has been turned into a community center with active activities on the roof.

Cistern: a spooky art cave

The Cistern is a 19th-century reservoir turned into a cave located under Sondermarken Park. The atmosphere inside is completely different from the outside: the air is humid, but the general temperature is about eight degrees Celsius.

Although it's a bit dark and maybe a bit creepy, you can see some historical and incredible art installations.

Rainbow Panorama: a colorful view of the city

This unique experience in Denmark will make your vacation even brighter. Right above the ARoS art gallery in Aarhus, there is a 150-meter long walkway where you can enjoy the view of the city in all the colors of the rainbow.

Lego House: a huge playhouse with millions of colorful Lego bricks

The Lego House in Billund is a giant playhouse whose structure looks like 21 huge Lego bricks. And inside, there are about 25 million colorful Lego bricks for you to play with.

You'll find a large display of Lego dioramas, including images of a waterfall, volcano, dinosaurs, mountains, castle, and more. You can even climb up to the roofs of these giant blocks.