Ominous signs that predict trouble: what not to do

Maria Tsikhotska

Ominous signs that predict trouble: what not to do

Although most omens, superstitions, and superstitions have gone into the past - we continue to sit in front of the road and look in the mirror when we have forgotten something.

UaPortal has collected for you the top ominous signs that you need to pay attention to.

The bird flew into the room

A long time ago, a bird meant that one of the residents of the house where it flew would die. If you have a relative who died recently and a bird flew into your house, it means that the soul of the deceased relative wants to say goodbye or warn you about something. If a bird flew through the door - to a serious illness of one of the residents of the house. There is also a good interpretation - before moving to another place or the arrival of guests. If a bird flew into the office - expect conflicts between colleagues. If you have a cat and it caught a bird, it is good, because the animal protected it from harm.

Don't come back if you forgot something

Almost everyone believes in this omen. Therefore, many people try not to return home if they have forgotten something. They believe that when you leave the house, you carry the energy of positive movement forward, and if you turn back, you exchange positive energy for negative, so the day will be unlucky. But there is a way out - if it is still necessary to return, before leaving the house look in the mirror and show your tongue. So you will "mirror" what is happening, and your movement will again be on the right trajectory.

Why does a dog howl at night?

Dogs are said to sense impending doom. The animal warns the owner about this by howling. If a dog howls at night - bad news will come from afar or a person will suffer at the hands of others. If a dog howls like a wolf, it means that an evil force will intervene in your life.

The pitiful whining of a dog near you is a sign of health problems. If the dog howls and rolls on the floor, significant changes await in life. If an important event is ahead, and the dog howls in front of it, everything will go to shit.

The appearance of a crow

It is believed that a crow portends bad news. To hear the cawing of a crow and at the same time not see the bird itself - to illness. For several days in a row, you hear croaking under the windows - someone is gossiping about you. A crow jumps on the windowsill - too big money expenses.

Signs about clothes

Always watch how you wear things. After all, your inattention can create problems for you. For example, to wear clothes inside out - to a beating: physical or moral. If you wear underwear inside out, expect a quarrel with your partner. Wear work clothes inside out - there will be trouble at work. There is a method to neutralize these signs - take off your clothes and stand on them with bare feet.

Don't say happy birthday in advance

The Slavs believed that by congratulating a person on their birthday in advance, you remind the evil forces about them, and all your wishes will turn negative and even multiplied by three.

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Broken mirror

Probably everyone knows that breaking a mirror is a sign of trouble and misfortune. There is a sign if the mirror broke into many small fragments - a close person will die. Also, you should not look into a broken mirror - you will bring trouble to yourself and your relatives. If the mirror itself fell and broke, it is a sign of trouble for the people living in the house.

You can protect yourself from the negative impact if you collect the fragments with a broom without looking into them, wrap them in a cloth, and take them to the trash outside the house.

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