Why throw a pin into boiling water: an ancient belief

Maryna Gramovych

Why do you drop a pin in boiling water?

Pins are common objects that have stood the test of time and remain a practical tool to this day. However, our ancestors associated pins with powerful protective properties against evil thoughts and intentions. UAportal tells you why you should throw a pin into a pot of boiling water.

Why throw a pin into a pot of boiling water?

To understand the usefulness of the ritual, it is recommended to conduct it alone, about an hour before bedtime. Prepare a clean glass and place it within reach. Take a new pin of any size. Bring water to a boil. Pour it into the glass to the brim. Take the pin, carefully open it and dip it in the glass.

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Performing this ritual, quietly say the words, "As the hot water cools down, so let the evil intentions be removed from me." Then put a glass with a pin on the windowsill. Leave it for the whole night. At dawn, pour out the water.

What is the significance of this rite?

By performing this ritual, you protect yourself from negativity. Let the ritual of throwing the stiletto into the boiling water help you find solace and calm.

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