Banish mice for good: methods that will make rodents avoid your yard

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Banish mice for good: methods that will make rodents avoid your yard
Methods to get rid of mice. Source: Pixabay

Rodents, in particular mice, often cause trouble in gardens and backyards, damaging plants and crops. It's even worse when these little pests find their way into our homes, where they spoil food. But their ability to transmit dangerous infections is particularly alarming.

If you're faced with this problem, don't despair, because there are many reliable and safe methods to help scare away these uninvited guests. You can use natural remedies that can be easily found at home or purchased, Radio TRACK writes.

Peppermint oil

The aroma of peppermint effectively repels rodents. Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them around your property, especially in areas of rodent activity or near entrances to the house. Refresh them every two or three weeks to maintain the intensity of the scent.

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Water with garlic

Garlic gives off an odor that rodents don't like. Boil a few cloves of garlic in a liter of water and leave it to steep for a day. After that, strain the solution and spray it around your property, in the beds or near the storage areas. Perform this procedure weekly.

Encapsulated essential oil

Essential oils such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree can serve as a rodent repellent. Place essential oils in gelatin capsules or in empty tea bags. Place them around the edges of the area or in places where you notice rodents. Renew the capsules or sachets every two or three weeks to maintain effectiveness.

What else can help?

To keep your area tidy, regularly clear it of weeds and waste that can become a haven for rodents.

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Make sure that all cracks and holes in the exterior walls, foundation, or roof of the house are sealed to prevent mice from entering the house.

Keep food in airtight containers so that it does not attract pests.

To control rodent populations, use humane traps that do not harm animals.

With these measures, you can effectively protect your land, plants, and home from rodent activity.

Earlier, we wrote about the main reason why mice enter your home and how to stop them.

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