Why you can't sit in the corner: don't invite evil spirits

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Why you can't sit in the corner: don't invite evil spirits

Superstition has always played an important role in different cultures, shaping beliefs and behaviour. Ukrainian culture is no exception and has its own unique set of superstitions. UAportal has prepared an article about superstitions, why you shouldn't sit on the corner, its origin, meaning, and how it can affect your life.


To understand why sitting on the corner is considered a superstition in Ukrainian culture, it is necessary to understand its possible sources. The roots of this belief go back to ancient times, when people believed that corners were a gathering place for evil spirits.

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Ukrainians, being deeply religious and superstitious, associated corners with negative energies and believed that evil entities lived in them. This fear of encountering evil spirits is deeply rooted in the collective consciousness and has persisted for many generations.

What does this superstition mean?

The superstition of not sitting on the corner means a belief in the existence of invisible forces and the possibility of negative consequences. It is a warning not to attract bad luck or let negative energy into your life. Sitting on a corner is considered a manifestation of disrespect for the spiritual realm and a disregard for the possible consequences that may follow.

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In Ukrainian culture, sitting on a corner is seen as an action that upsets the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is believed to disrupt the natural flow of energy, leading to disharmony and unhappiness. This superstition reflects a deeply rooted spirituality and the importance of maintaining a respectful relationship with the supernatural.

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