Why you can't leave a spoon in the soup: a practical explanation

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Why it is dangerous to leave cutlery in a dish

Has your mom ever scolded you for leaving a spoon in the dish? Although we all know that this is not allowed, the reasons for this are still unknown. UaPortal has provided a practical explanation that will surprise you.

Dish will spoil

One of the main reasons for this warning is that the food can spoil faster. This is primarily due to the oxidation process that occurs when metal cutlery comes into contact with the food.

Unpleasant taste

This phenomenon is especially relevant for steel and aluminum cookware, although stainless steel cutlery is less susceptible to it. It's also worth noting that scratched or damaged cutlery can make food taste off.

Health hazards

Aluminum cookware can pose a potential health hazard under certain conditions. This is especially true for dishes with dairy products. When a spoon is left in the soup, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and mold, as microorganisms from saliva and other sources accumulate on the utensils.

The same goes for salads. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep cutlery in seasoned salads for more than 6 hours, as this leads to the growth of harmful bacteria and spoilage of the dish.

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