How to grow cucumbers as early as possible: a tricky way will help

Anastasia Kryshchuk

How to grow cucumbers as early as possible: a tricky way will help
Growing cucumbers in sawdust. Source: pixabay

Gardening enthusiasts use a variety of techniques to plant cucumbers. Some prefer to grow seedlings first and then transfer them to the open ground, while others sow the seeds directly into the ground.

Growing cucumbers from seedlings is often considered a more efficient method, especially when the seeds are sown in sawdust, Telegraph writes.

How to plant cucumbers in sawdust

For those who are just starting out in gardening, it may seem unexpected to use wood shavings to plant cucumbers. However, this method has a wonderful effect. Seedlings grow stronger and healthier, and pests hardly touch them. The main thing is to choose the right sawdust.

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Do not use sawdust from fiberboard or chipboard as it contains harmful substances. Give preference to sawdust made from naturally processed wood, which can be purchased at a sawmill or building materials store.

  1. Rinse the sawdust with boiling water three times to remove dust and other contaminants.
  2. Fill a quarter of the chosen container for sowing cucumbers with sawdust. This can be, for example, an old plastic container. After pouring in the shavings, cover them with warm water (not boiling water) and gently mash them.
  3. Spread the seeds on the surface, leaving enough space between them to grow. Cover it with damp sawdust and close the container with a lid or foil
  4. Place the cucumbers in a warm place. The first sprouts will appear in about three days. After that, moisten them and move the container to the light. After ten days, the first leaves will appear.

Sawdust helps maintain optimal moisture levels, which contributes to the formation of strong rhizomes and thick stems in plants. The seedlings will be resistant to diseases. Usually, cucumbers are grown for 2-3 months, but thanks to sawdust, they ripen faster, and you can harvest three weeks earlier.

To recap, we told you how to plant cucumber seedlings so that they survive the April cold.

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