How to grow mint on your windowsill: a few simple steps

Vladyslav Moskalenko

How to grow mint on your windowsill: a few simple steps

Mint is a versatile plant that is widely used in cooking, medicine, and aromatherapy. It can be easily grown from seeds even by beginners. If you want to grow mint at home, follow these simple steps to ensure a successful harvest.

Choosing the right soil

For beginners growing mint, it is recommended that you purchase a universal potting mix for indoor plants. To increase its effectiveness, mix it with soil from your regular garden. This combination will provide a favourable environment for mint to grow in.

Selecting and planting seeds

Seeds are available in speciality stores, and you have the option of choosing several packs from the same manufacturer or experimenting with different varieties. Since mint has a relatively large root system, it is advisable to plant the seeds in a wide container or pot, which can later be transplanted into more aesthetically pleasing vases.

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Step-by-step instructions for growing

The process of sowing mint seeds is very simple. Follow these steps:

  • Create a drainage layer with expanded clay, pebbles, crushed stone or gravel about 2-3 cm thick. This layer prevents water from stagnating.
  • Fill in the soil on top of the drainage layer and lightly moisten it with a spray bottle.
  • Carefully plant the seeds to a depth of half an inch.
  • Spray with water again.
  • Cover the container with cling film and place it in a room with a moderate temperature.

Basic care recommendations

It is advisable to keep the plant in a well-lit place. After two to three weeks, you can move the mint to a windowsill or balcony to give it enough sunlight.

A lack of moisture can also be harmful. Alternatively, you can use fertilisers designed specifically for mint, following the instructions provided.

As a reminder, houseplants can be beneficial to your space, but they can also be a source of inconvenience and problems. Some of them can attract pests, such as cockroaches.

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