How to choose ripe non-GMO bananas: a useful life hack

Maryna Gramovych

Life hacks for choosing ripe bananas

Bananas are loved by both children and adults. However, not everyone knows how to choose the perfect fruit in a store or market to bring home a non-GMO product. UAportal is ready to share secrets with you.

How to choose ripe bananas among numerous offers

1. Color:

Choose bananas that have a uniform yellow color without green spots. A uniform yellow hue indicates ripeness.

2. Flavor:

Look for a rich, fruity banana flavor. A great aroma means a perfectly ripe banana.

3. Brown dots:

Brown dots or specks on bananas are acceptable. They do not indicate spoilage. It is rather a sign that fruit is reaching optimum ripeness.

4. Texture:

The banana should feel firm and dense to the touch. Avoid bananas with a soft or mushy texture as they may be overripe or spoiled. Be aware of any black spots, signs of rot or fungus.

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How to choose non-GMO bananas

If you are not sure which bananas are non-GMO, pay attention not only to the appearance but also to the information on the label. The label should provide important details about the product, and this information can be deciphered using numbers.

Look for bananas with the codes 4011 and 94011. These are organic bananas grown without the use of chemicals and without genetic modification. On the other hand, avoid bananas with a five-digit code starting with "8". These bananas are not natural and should not be bought.

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