Effective time management: practical tips for planning your time

Vladyslav Moskalenko

Effective time planning strategies

Since time management plays an important role in personal and professional success, it is important to employ effective time management strategies. This article provides practical tips and techniques that can help people increase their productivity and better utilize their time.

UAportal covers the key aspects of time management, focusing on prioritizing and overcoming procrastination. By implementing these strategies, people can improve their planning skills, increase productivity, and achieve their goals more effectively.


Prioritizing is crucial to effective time management. By creating a comprehensive to-do list and prioritizing any task based on its importance and urgency, you can focus on those that have the greatest impact and require immediate attention.

Divide tasks into parts

Breaking down complex or overwhelming tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks allows for better allocation of time and resources. By setting clear goals, milestones and deadlines for each subtask you can better track progress and achieve your goals more efficiently.

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Use time-blocking

The time-blocking technique involves planning specific time slots for different activities and commitments. By allocating separate blocks of time for prioritized tasks, important meetings, and even necessary breaks, you can structure your day, stay focused, and ensure that you have enough time to complete essential tasks.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination can hinder productivity and add unnecessary stress. Creating and sticking to a schedule, using methods such as the Pomodoro technique with clearly defined work intervals and short breaks, and addressing the underlying causes of procrastination will help overcome this habit.

By identifying triggers, establishing accountability and applying effective strategies, people can prevent procrastination from hindering their development.

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