What does it mean to drop a spoon or fork: superstitions in Ukrainian culture

Vladyslav Moskalenko

What does it mean to drop a spoon or fork: superstitions in Ukrainian culture

UAportal has prepared an article about superstitions about what a spoon or fork falling means in Ukrainian culture. The article discusses the origin, meaning and evolution of this superstition over time.


The origin of the superstition about the falling spoon or fork is rooted in the beliefs of our ancestors. Ukrainian folklore is rich in stories about spirits and supernatural beings prone to mischief. It was believed that if a spoon or fork fell, it was a sign of the presence of evil spirits.

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People took this as a warning to be careful and attentive to their surroundings. Over time, this belief became deeply rooted in Ukrainian psychology, and the superstition continued to be passed down from generation to generation.

Examples of religious beliefs

In Orthodox Christianity, it is believed that fallen dishes indicate the presence of an angel or a deceased loved one. This is seen as a sign that they are watching over the household. This belief brings comfort and a sense of connection to the spiritual realm, contributing to a deep reverence for the utensils.

Examples in fairy tales and legends

In Ukrainian folklore, superstitions related to the falling of a spoon or fork are often woven into fairy tales and legends. One such story tells of a mischievous household spirit known as a domovyk. The spirit was believed to knock over dishes in a playful manner, creating a sense of mystery and magic. These tales served as a cautionary tale, warning people to be respectful and mindful of their actions so as not to summon mischievous spirits.

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