What happens if a black cat crosses the road: explanation of a folk superstition

Maryna Gramovych

What happens if a black cat crosses the road

It has long been believed that an encounter with a black cat that has crossed the road can bring trouble and misfortune. However, the real consequences of this encounter may depend on the direction in which the cat is moving. Many of us still change our route when we meet a black cat on the road. UAportal has prepared an article that will help you understand this sign.

According to popular belief, if a black cat crosses the road from right to left, it means that the bad luck streak is over. On the other hand, if a black cat crosses the road from left to right, it is believed that it will bring minor trials and tribulations.

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There are other signs associated with meeting black cats. For example, if the animal throws itself under your feet, it serves as a warning of impending danger and encourages people to choose an alternative path.

Certain actions can be taken to ward off potential misfortune after an encounter with a black cat. These rituals include spitting three times over the left shoulder, holding a button and walking through the place where the cat crossed the road. Another practice involves stopping and twisting your hat, or, if you don't have one, tying a scarf over your head.

It is believed that walking backwards on the part of the road that the cat has crossed confuses evil forces. Crossing the middle and index fingers, first on the left hand and then on the right, also brings protection. If a black cat crosses the road in front of a car, it is recommended to draw a cross in the upper right corner of all windows.

As a reminder, March 1, the first day of spring, is International Cat Day.

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