"Living magic carpet" turned out to be a deep-sea worm (video)

Bylim Olena

'Living magic carpet' turned out to be a deep-sea worm (video)
Image of a male worm Pectinereis strickrotti. Source: Ekin Tilic

Scientists have discovered a unique pink deep-sea worm swimming in the waters off the coast of Costa Rica, naming it "Technicolor". According to the scientists, these segmented pink worms create a water dance that resembles a "living magic carpet."

This new species, known as Pectinereis strickrotti, belongs to the Nereididae family. It was discovered during explorations of a methane channel at a depth of 3,280 feet in 2009, and has only now been formally described in the journal PLOS One.

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P. strickrotti has a long segmented body decorated with parapodia with gills that allow the worms to absorb oxygen from the water. These vulnerable creatures, which live in complete darkness at great depths, have attracted scientists not only for their extraordinary appearance but also for their unusual movement. Like living carpets, they crawl through the water, sliding and changing direction.

"Technicolor" also impresses with its incredible pink color, which is probably due to the blood of these creatures.

The discovery of this species is just one component of the rich biodiversity of deep-sea ecosystems. Scientists plan to conduct further research in other areas to uncover more secrets of marine life and ensure its protection.

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