Earth will be hit by a powerful four-day magnetic storm at the end of May: dates announced

Kateryna Dutik

Magnetic storms in May 2023 - dangerous days in May and how to improve your health

In the second half of May, a rather strong magnetic storm is expected to last for four days. During this time, people will complain of feeling unwell, including headaches, high or low blood pressure, joint and muscle pain, and exacerbation of chronic diseases.

In general, the month will be calm, and strong solar flares will disturb the Earth for only a few days. This is evidenced by Meteoagent data.

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Four-day magnetic storm in May - magnetic storms in May 2023

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To feel better on dangerous days, follow a few simple but effective rules:

  • Drink more pure water and herbal/green tea.
  • Try to avoid coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, and hookah.
  • Choose seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs, and eat less fried, spicy, and fatty foods.
  • Take more walks in the fresh air, walk and play sports.
  • Ventilate your room regularly.
  • Avoid stress and conflicts, and be less nervous.

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