Why cars need a handle above the driver's door

Ihor Romanko

Why cars need a handle above the driver's door
Why cars need a handle above the driver's door

As you know, the driver should hold the wheel with both hands to help him or her avoid falling out of the seat when driving on a hilly road or around sharp bends. But why is there a handle on the ceiling of the car near the driver's seat? MMR will tell you about it.

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In fact, there are several ways to use the driver's grip. On large SUVs and trucks, it helps the driver climb into the cab. It's convenient, and if necessary, you can leave the cabin by swinging your hand over the handle instead of jumping out of the car.

In addition, automakers often use the handle on the ceiling to place eyeglass cases.

Also, the presence of a handle on the driver's side is explained by the optimization of production processes. It's much easier and cheaper for automakers to install a handle than to manufacture individual interior trim elements for cars sold in different markets, which may differ not only in terms of equipment and equipment but also in terms of steering wheel position.

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