Why you should add cat litter to flower pots: a life hack

Ihor Romanko

Why you should add cat litter to flower pots

When it comes to growing indoor plants, the right choice of soil and drainage system play an important role in ensuring their health and growth. One unexpected solution to help maintain optimal conditions for plant growth is to add cat litter to your plant pots.

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Cat litter, usually made of clay, has a fast-draining property, which means it helps to remove excess moisture from the soil. This is especially useful for indoor plants that need good drainage, as excess moisture can lead to root rot and other plant growth problems.

One of the main advantages of using cat litter is its affordability and effectiveness. You can easily buy specialised material in the store, or even mix your own litter. Simply add half regular potting soil and half an odourless clay-based cat litter. It's important to make sure you use an unscented litter, as some scented litter can be harmful to plants.

Adding cat litter to pots with houseplants helps to create an optimal environment for their growth. It helps to quickly remove excess moisture, preventing water retention, which can lead to excessive root moisture. At the same time, the soil remains sufficiently moist to ensure the necessary plant growth.

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