Turn them off to get more battery life: Which browser functions consume the most laptop battery power

Ihor Romanko

What browser settings can be turned off to make the laptop last longer than the battery.

In today's world, when we rely more and more on portable devices such as laptops, extending battery life is becoming an important factor. We often use web browsers to perform various tasks, but they can consume a significant amount of power. In this article, we'll look at some browser settings that you can disable to optimize your laptop's battery life.

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  1. Automatic page refresh: Many modern browsers automatically refresh pages to ensure that they always show the latest data. However, this can lead to unnecessary use of battery resources. Disable this feature by selecting the option "disable automatic page refresh" or similar in your browser settings;
  2. Auto-play videos: Many websites have videos playing automatically, which can consume a significant amount of energy. You can usually change this setting in your browser or app settings. Turn off video autoplay or set it to "click to play" to save battery power;
  3. Extensions and plug-ins: Some extensions and plug-ins in your browser can consume a significant amount of system resources. Review all installed extensions and plugins and disable those that you do not need or that consume a lot of power. This can have a positive impact on battery life;
  4. Brightness and background lighting: Reducing the brightness of your screen can significantly save battery power. Most browsers have the ability to automatically or manually adjust the brightness. Reduce the brightness to a comfortable level and turn off the keyboard backlight if possible;
  5. Use energy-efficient modes: Some browsers have special energy-efficient modes that can reduce power consumption. Make sure you use this mode and your browser settings to save energy.

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