"The Gate to Hell": the story of an eerie cave in the Japanese province of Hokkaido

Maria Tsikhotska

'The Gate to Hell': the story of an eerie cave in the Japanese province of Hokkaido

In the Hokkaido province of Japan, there is a cave, also called the "gateway to hell," shrouded in eerie legends and stories. A Japanese journalist went to the cave to check the veracity of the stories.

This was reported by Sora24.

Almost 4 thousand people live in the village of Pippu, in Kamikawa County, Hokkaido. People often stop here to rest on the way to the large city of Asahikawa. And there is one of the most eerie places in Japan.

The Ahun Ru Paro cave system, which is located at the foot of Mount Otokoyama, is avoided due to the stories of the local Ainu people after the cave's discoverers died under mysterious circumstances.

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Journalist Seiji Nakazawafor went in search of the eerie cave and found it quite easily: there was even a warning sign on the road.

There is not much information about the cave, because the Ainu have no written language, passing on folklore only orally.

The story of an elderly couple who got lost here is passed down from generation to generation. The man argued with the woman, because he wanted to get into the cave, and the other categorically refused. One of the couples died very soon after staying in the mysterious place.

There is even a sign near the cave with a huge inscription "Do not enter". When the journalist arrived, he saw that the entrance to the cave was fenced off, but he could crawl under the fence: this is what brave "ghost hunters" do.

The author of the investigation decided not to risk it and did not enter the cave. He walked around the mountain to see if the entrance to the cave was a through tunnel. But he saw only a stone wall, which meant that the cave led downward.

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