How to wash your hair to make it shine: top 2 life hacks

Maria Tsikhotska

How to wash your hair to make it shine: top 2 life hacks

Every girl dreams of beautiful, shiny hair like in the adverts. But did you know that the key to beautiful hair is not only vitamins and proper care, but also shampooing? UaPortal will tell you how to wash your hair so that you are impressed with the result.

As soon as your hair starts to get greasy, you need to wash it. The widespread myth that the less often we wash our hair, the less dirty it gets is wrong. If your hair gets dirty too quickly after shampooing, it means that your shampoo is not suitable for you.

How to wash your hair properly

1. Comb your hair.

2. Squeeze the shampoo into the palm of your hand.

3. Lather it up with water.

4. Apply the foam to the hair roots and scalp.

5. Massage your scalp lightly.

6. Spread the foam along the length of the hair.

7. Rinse your hair with warm water and repeat the process.

8. If you apply a hair balm after washing, rinse it off until the water is clear, and finally rinse with cool water.

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Please note that you should not wash your hair with your head down - the shampoo hits the scalp at the wrong angle, which leads to brittle and dull hair.

Improper washing can cause dandruff. To avoid this, rinse the shampoo well and keep the temperature between 40-45 degrees.

As a reminder, we have already written about how to dry your hair properly.

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