Airports may be opened in Ukraine: What is known

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Airports may be opened in Ukraine: What is known
Airports may be reopened in Ukraine

Ukraine may resume air travel soon. Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Rostyslav Shurma said that Ukraine is making significant efforts to do so.

Two airports are currently being considered - Boryspil in Kyiv and Lviv airport. He spoke about this at a panel discussion at Ukraine House Davos.

Shurma noted that the resumption of air traffic is important for Ukraine in terms of reliable logistics. According to him, this is a fundamentally important element of the country's business and investment activities.

"If investors and businessmen cannot get to the places they need comfortably and quickly, they will not come and do anything... I can say that we are working very intensively to restore air traffic in Ukraine... We will do everything possible to realize this," he emphasized.

Mr. Shurma did not name a timeframe for the resumption of flights. He explained that not much depends on Ukraine itself in this matter.

"We have an internal roadmap and schedule... I think the share of our homework here is no more than 20%," he said.

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