It's loud in Sevastopol: the occupiers announced an "underwater attack": details

Maria Tsikhotska

It's loud in Sevastopol: the occupiers announced an 'underwater attack': details
The occupiers announced a ''possible underwater attack'' in Sevastopol

Early in the morning of October 24, explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Sevastopol. The so-called city administration said that the Black Sea Fleet was allegedly repelling a "possible underwater attack."

The explosions were reported by local Telegram channels. The townspeople also wrote that they heard shooting.

The so-called "governor" Mikhail Razvozhayev said it was a "possible" underwater attack.

"Loud noises are on the outer raid - the Black Sea Fleet is repelling a possible attack by enemy submarine sabotage forces and means," he wrote.

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The Crimean Wind channel reported loud explosions at 3:35 and 3:40 in Sevastopol and the sound of shooting. In addition, there was information that Russian air defense allegedly tried to shoot down a drone.

As a reminder, Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles and Shaheds.

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