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An impressive video of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system launching a missile after a Russian one was posted online

Kateryna Dutik

S-300 shoots down a Russian missile - video

S-300 air defence system is on its way to shoot down a Russian missile - main features, photos and videoA spectacular video of the launch of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system was posted online. A Ukrainian missile was launched to shoot down a Russian missile.

"Our S-300 is going to intercept the Russian sh*t," the video caption reads. The video was published on the WARSHAL Telegram channel.

What is known about the S-300 system

The S-300 is a medium-range air defence system with a maximum range of 150 to 300 km. This depends on the specific type of installation and interceptor missiles.

An important feature of the S-300 is its ability to operate in various combinations within the same modification within the same complex, between modifications (limited), and through various mobile higher command posts to form batteries of any composition, number, modification, location, including the introduction of other air defence systems into a single battery.

S-300 air defence system is on its way to shoot down a Russian missile - main features, photos and video

The S-300 system has a large number of modifications that differ in missiles, radars, electronic warfare capabilities, and long range. They can also counter short- and medium-range ballistic missiles and targets flying at low altitudes.

To camouflage the S-300 system components, demasking full-scale inflatable models equipped with additional devices for simulating electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and radio bands are used.

Camouflage nets and the placement of S-300 components in trenches can also be used, which significantly complicates detection from long distances.

Additional elements of protection are the placement of S-300 components in trenches (in practice, they are placed on high ground for better visibility and faster visibility beyond the horizon, and in trenches for shelter and protection from shrapnel).

As reported earlier, Ukrainian Armed Forces reserve colonel Roman Svitan said that Crimea is waiting for the Ukrainian military this year. He also told what the Ukrainian Armed Forces will do in the southern direction in the coming weeks.

Major General Andriy Kovalchuk, commander of the Southern Operational Command, said when the Ukrainian military plans to liberate the temporarily occupied territories. According to him, it will happen as early as next year, 2023.

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