4,000-year-old tomb discovered in India

Maria Tsikhotska

4,000-year-old tomb discovered in India

Indian archaeologists have conducted excavations near the Yamuna River and discovered a tomb estimated to be 4,000 years old.

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According to a report from the News Network Archaeology, these tombs were created during the Harappan civilization, which was the third oldest among the ancient civilizations of the East. Archaeologists date this discovery to the late period of Indian history.

Archaeologists found "coffins on legs" in the tomb, in which the remains of two women were found. In addition, they found a wooden bow, a bracelet with semi-precious stones, gold necklaces, and ceramic items. One of the most interesting finds is a special "sword-antenna" located near the head of one of the women in the tomb.

As a reminder, clay jugs of wine dating back 5,000 years were found in Egypt.

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