The house will be cleaner: how to reduce the amount of dust in the house thanks to the air conditioner

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The house will be cleaner: how to reduce the amount of dust in the house thanks to the air conditioner

During hot periods, dust settling on furniture and things in the house is more troublesome than when the windows to the house are closed. Even after frequent cleaning, the wind brings pollen and dust from the street into the house, and it seems that no one has cleaned the house for a long time.

To avoid dust settling, you need to either keep the windows closed (but you want fresh air in the heat) or clean more often.

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But by following a few tips and tricks, you can tell the dust to stop and save time cleaning.

Experts from cleaning companies say that in order to have less dust in the house, you need to keep your home tidy - put things in their places, stop shaking bedding in the room (it's better to do it outside or on the balcony), wash blankets, sheets, mattress covers more often, refuse to use fabric curtains (they also attract dust), and spread rugs that keep dust on them.

Cleaning experts note that the fewer surfaces you have in your home that can be dusty, the less dust you will have in your home. A messy house is the main cause of dusting. Therefore, try to put things in order on the shelves with statuettes from time to time, put away things you don't use often in lockers, and place bookshelves in a closet with a lockable door. Some things that you don't need for a long time and don't want to throw away are best put in an airtight container with a lid and stored in the pantry.

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To minimize dust, you should wipe with a microfiber cloth because they do not leave behind lint. Microfiber fabric has positively and negatively charged fibers on its surface, so it actually attracts dust and dirt when wiped.

Microfiber cloths also remove up to 99% of surface bacteria and are safe to use because you only need chemical-free water. You can also buy an air purifier to filter the air and absorb dust, pollen, and toxins.

Another secret to successful cleaning is to add a tablespoon of fabric softener to the water you use to moisten the microfiber cloth when you're dusting. The fabric softener has antistatic properties that help prevent dust from sticking to furniture and various surfaces.

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