War in Ukraine

Ukrainian defenders "put on their feet" an occupier who pretended to be dead (video)

Bylim Olena

Ukrainian defenders 'put on their feet' an occupier who pretended to be dead (video)

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have shown an example of why drone operators sometimes drop ammunition on Russians who are not moving. It turns out that the invaders can pretend to be dead so that they are considered dead.

Thus, in one of the frontline areas, drone operators spotted an occupier lying in the middle of the ground. At first, it seemed that he was already dead, but when a shell exploded near him, the interventionist miraculously "resurrected" - he jumped to his feet and ran as fast as he could.

Then he fell down and pretended to be dead again, but changed his mind and decided to run away from the drone.

The further fate of the Russian militant is unknown, but it is unlikely that the drone operators could have let him get far, not for nothing that they are called "the eyes of the god of war".

As a reminder, drone operators continue to destroy the occupiers from a distance, as one drone destroyed an entire warehouse of occupation anti-tank mines.

We would like to add that while the Ministry of Defence is developing the latest models of drones, soldiers at the front are making killing weapons from the drones provided.

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