Scientists modeled a simulation of a black hole in the laboratory: what they learned

Ihor Romanko

Scientists have created a black hole in the laboratory

In 2022, a team of physicists used a chain of atoms to create a model of a black hole event horizon, leading to the observation of an effect similar to Hawking radiation. This simulation may reveal new information about the theoretically proposed radiation of real black holes.

This work could resolve the contradiction between general relativity and quantum mechanics, the two key theories for explaining the universe. To create a unified theory of quantum gravity that will describe phenomena in the universe, scientists are looking for a connection between these theories, Science Alert writes.

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Black holes are the key to this unraveling. Their extreme properties with incredible density make it possible to explore the limits of physics. The event horizon, defined by the distance from the black hole's center of mass, creates unique conditions for studying quantum fluctuations.

Scientists created a similar event horizon in the laboratory using a chain of atoms with the ability of electrons to jump from one position to another. During the experiment, a temperature rise was detected, indicating thermal radiation similar to Hawking radiation.

Although this thermal radiation was detected only in a limited range of jump amplitudes and only under conditions that model flat spacetime, this opens up the possibility of studying Hawking radiation in different conditions.

The results obtained can serve as a basis for further studies of the fundamental aspects of quantum gravity and the effect of gravity on spacetime in different environments. Despite the uncertainties, they indicate the possibility of effectively studying Hawking radiation under controlled conditions.

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