Scientists warn that human activity can lead to the complete extinction of magpies

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Scientists warn that human activity can lead to the complete extinction of magpies
Magpies are negatively affected by the urban environment. Source: Pixabay

Recent findings by scientists from the University of Western Australia, published in the journal Animal Behavior, point to a serious threat to magpie populations caused by climate change and loud noise from human activity.

The study, which involved Grace Blackburn from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Western Australia, found that noise pollution, such as noise from airplanes, and high temperatures negatively affect the behavior of Western Australian magpies, NV writes.

Scientists have found that these two factors reduce the period during which birds search for food and increase their stress level. Analyzing the impact of these anthropogenic factors both in combination and separately, the researchers concluded that each of them is harmful, and their combined effect significantly worsens the situation.

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This impact poses a serious danger to birds, as changes in behavior can negatively affect their health and population numbers.

Blackburn emphasized the importance of the study for understanding the impact of various anthropogenic factors on bird populations, which allows us to better understand how the impact of rapid environmental change affects the animal world.

The study conducted in Australia showed how urban environments affect local birds, but its results can be applied to other regions, given the global trends of rising temperatures and urbanization.

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