They will only emphasize the flaws: 9 trendy things that should not be bought by full ladies

Maria Tsikhotska

They will only emphasize the flaws: 9 trendy things that should not be bought by full ladies
Straight silhouettes and loose fitting are suitable for fuller women

There are certain things in the wardrobe that full women should avoid to look stylish and attractive. Let's take a closer look at what clothes don't suit ladies with shapes.

First of all, you should avoid cargo pants – they will only add extra bulk because they have wide patch pockets. In addition, made of cotton, such pants will gather in folds, emphasizing figure flaws. This was reported by Radiotrack.

Also, do not choose oversized shirts with patch pockets – this will expand the silhouette, creating the effect of a "bedside table with legs".

A tight maxi skirt will make your legs look heavy and your figure looks squat. It is better to give preference to airy models made of satin or silk.

Boots, on the other hand, will visually divide the figure into separate fragments instead of a complete image. Therefore, it is better to choose elegant boots with stable heels.

A bulky leather jacket is also not suitable, because the dense material emphasizes all the features of the figure. An oversized cut with dropped shoulders will add extra volume.

The situation is similar with a jacket with wide shoulders – so it's better to choose a fitted model with embossed seams that accentuate the waist.

A translucent long sleeve will look vulgar, exposing all the flaws. Similarly, a mini-skirt will show off your figure from a not-so-favorable angle.

And finally, you should avoid things with massive details like flowers or bows – this will only draw too much attention to problem areas.

So, by following these simple tips, obese ladies will be able to emphasize their beauty and choose the perfect wardrobe.

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