Quiet or loud: which mode will discharge your phone faster

Maria Tsikhotska

Quiet or loud: which mode will discharge your phone faster

Nowadays, when we have a smartphone in our hands all the time, one of the main requirements for it is long battery life. Many factors affect the phone's charge level: simultaneous opening of several tabs or applications, screen brightness, and even the call mode. UaPortal will figure out whether it's better to use your phone in vibrate or speakerphone mode.

First, you need to understand how this or that sound mode of your smartphone works. Vibration is the mechanical movement of the internal mechanism motor that creates vibration in the phone. The sound is reproduced by the speaker, which converts the electrical signal into sound waves.

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Studies have shown that a phone uses less power in vibration mode than in sound mode. Also, the power consumption depends on the volume of the sound - the higher the volume, the higher the power consumption. If you use the vibrate mode for long notifications, this also leads to a rapid battery drain.

If you want to maximize battery life, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, background apps, and turn off GPS and automatic screen brightness. These measures will extend the battery life of your phone.

So, to save battery power, choose vibration mode and turn off background apps. Also, fast or slow discharge depends on the battery capacity and phone model.

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