Stylists named 4 things that must be in a man's wardrobe in fall 2023

Maria Tsikhotska

Stylists named 4 things that must be in a man's wardrobe in fall 2023

Men are advised to create a more masculine look in the fall than in the summer. There are four wardrobe items that will help emphasize this style.

It is written by Chas Diy.


Oversized shirts with elongated sleeves, stylish prints and transparent models have appeared on fashion catwalks. It is recommended to wear them relaxed: partially buttoned, with the collar open, or even two shirts on top of each other.

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Long sleeves.

Demonstrating your figure is important not only for women but also for men. One of this season's trends is long sleeves that tighten the figure and emphasize muscles.


In the cold season, warm sweaters with a high neck are appropriate. They are available in a variety of designs, including floral, geometric and animal prints. The options include warm knitwear and suits.


Cardigans also remain popular in men's wardrobe. They can be worn both on a naked body and over a golf shirt, they look stylish and comfortable.

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