Deadly heat wave can destroy five regions on the planet – NASA

Bylim Olena

Deadly heat wave can destroy five regions on the planet – NASA
The consequences of global warming

Global warming is rapidly bringing us closer to climate collapse, the likelihood of which is confirmed by NASA research. According to the forecast, 5 regions of the planet may become uninhabitable by 2070 due to extreme heat.

According to Meteored UK, NASA analyzed satellite data and recorded an alarming picture: over the next 50 years, millions of people will be at risk due to unbearable heat.

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A forecast of how regions of the planet may disappear due to unbearable heat:

South Asia: This region is already suffering from the heat, and in 20 years the situation could worsen significantly.

Persian Gulf: The combination of heat and high humidity could make this region uninhabitable within a few years.

The Red Sea and the coast of Eastern China: By 2070, the wet thermometer index in these regions will exceed the permissible level, which will lead to irreversible consequences for the human body.

Brazil: The central part of the country and the Amazon will also be at risk due to a sharp rise in temperature and humidity by 2070.

NASA has recorded cases where the temperature on a wet thermometer exceeded 35°C, which is a critical level for humans. Such conditions lead to overheating and respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

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