Gardeners named three plants that are forbidden to prune in spring

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Gardeners named three plants that are forbidden to prune in spring

In spring, many Ukrainian gardeners start pruning plants and trees. However, some crops can be significantly harmed by pruning in the spring.

Experienced gardeners warn that some plants should not be pruned in spring under any circumstances. This was reported by Express.co.uk.

In particular, it is forbidden to prune large-leaved hydrangeas. In the spring, the plant produces new shoots, and the bush itself is formed on old shoots.

Pruning will result in fewer flowers or no flowering at all. Hydrangeas should be pruned immediately after flowering but before the onset of frost. Then the plant will gain enough strength and form new shoots for the next year.

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Lilacs are another plant that should not be pruned. This tree can lose a significant amount of flowers if pruned in spring.

The optimal period for pruning lilacs is from June to early July. During this period, you should get rid of dried and broken shoots.

Also, in spring, you should refrain from pruning birch, as the tree actively transfers sap through the trunk before budding. The crop can be pruned in July to give it a neater look, and sanitary pruning should be left for November.

As a reminder, the sowing season begins in spring, nature comes to life, and insects return with it. Some of them, such as ants, can harm your plants, so you need to fight them. Read how to do this in our article.

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