Secret of the small bow on lingerie revealed

Bylim Olena

Secret of the small bow on lingerie revealed

Small bows on women's panties are currently just a decorative element that adds femininity and aesthetic charm. Usually, they are sewn or attached to the front of the panties and do not perform any function.

However, this insignificant detail, as it turned out, has a historical origin. This bow served not only to adjust the size of the underwear, but also to define its front and back.

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Previously, women's underwear was completely different and was held in place not by elastic bands, but by a ribbon that was threaded inside and tightened, and then fastened into a bow to prevent it from coming undone.

Later, when elastic materials began to be produced, underwear no longer needed to be tied to prevent it from slipping, and such bows were used to mark the back and front of panties so that women could put them on correctly even in the dark.

Nowadays, this little detail is purely decorative and also helps you to know where the back and front of your underwear are.

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