Bringing bad luck: can you keep cacti at home and which species

Ihor Romanko

Bringing bad luck: can you keep cacti at home and which species

Mysterious and exotic, cacti always attract attention with their unique beauty and unusual shapes. They are popular plants for home landscaping and are known for their ability to survive in unfavorable conditions.

However, among the wide variety of cactus species, there are those that are believed to carry negative energy and can bring unhappiness and bad luck if kept at home.

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  1. San Pedro cactus (Echinopsis pachanoi). This type of cactus is known for its psychedelic properties and is used in various rites and religious ceremonies. However, it is associated with negative forces and energies that can affect a person's emotional state. Therefore, it is better to avoid keeping this type of cactus at home;
  2. Saguaro cactus (Carnegiea gigantea). This huge and massive cactus, characteristic of the desert regions of North America, is also considered unlucky for the home environment. It is of great historical and cultural value to Native American tribes, and its use without respect can have negative consequences;
  3. Black Spiny Cactus (Mammillaria melanocentra). This type of cactus, as its name indicates, has dark spines and is considered a sign of bad luck. It is associated with evil forces and negative events, so it is better to avoid keeping this species at home, especially in the bedroom or workspace;
  4. Oxypetalum cactus (Euphorbia obesa). This unusual type of cactus has a round shape and is very popular among plant collectors. However, according to beliefs, keeping an Oxypetalum at home can bring financial difficulties and health problems. It is better to leave this species outside the home space;
  5. Golkaria cactus (Gymnocalycium). Although this type of cactus has attractive flowers and a healthy appearance, it is associated with evil and misfortune. Its presence in the house can cause negative events and lead to bad luck. If you want to have cacti at home, it is better to choose other species with good energy;
  6. Devil's Cactus (Ferocactus). This type of cactus has sharp spines and an aggressive appearance. According to beliefs, keeping Devil's Cactus at home can lead to conflicts, anger, and trouble in the family. If you are looking for peace and harmony in your home, it is better to choose other types of cacti.

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