Duda said whether Poland will continue to help Ukraine

Bylim Olena

Duda said whether Poland will continue to help Ukraine
Andrzej Duda

Polish President Andrzej Duda assured that he would continue the policy aimed at helping Ukraine during the war with Russia. According to him, the Ukrainian people can rely on the support of Poland.

In an interview with LRT, Andrzej Duda noted that "the situation in Ukraine is very difficult."

"I have always said on the international stage that Ukraine needs our help - constant and endless. What Ukraine needs most now is ammunition," he added.

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The Polish president noted that the interests of NATO countries coincide with the interests of Ukraine.

"Ukraine wants to restore full control over the occupied territories. This is also important for the whole world, because it is a sign that international law is working. Russia will have to fulfill it by withdrawing its troops from Ukraine," Duda added.

Regarding the possibility of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine, the Polish president noted that Volodymyr Zelensky has a "very strict position on the protection and reconquest of territories."

"We must do everything possible so that Ukraine returns all the territories that were taken from it," he summarized.

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