Brewing green tea correctly: how many times you may not change the brew

Diana Bondarenko

Brewing green tea correctly: how many times you may not change the brew

Green tea is one of the most popular types of tea in the world. It has a bright, rich flavor and tonic properties. Green tea can be brewed several times, but few people know how many times exactly.

This was reported by Pixel. They noted that the number of green tea brews depends on several factors:

Type of tea:

Whole-leaf green and white tea can be brewed three to four times, while pu-erh and oolong tea can be brewed up to 5-7 times.

Brewing method:

If you use a large teapot, it is better to limit yourself to two brews.

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Taste preferences:

Some people prefer stronger tea, while others prefer weaker tea.

To brew green tea several times, follow these recommendations:

Use high-quality tea:

Poor-quality tea will not have a rich flavor even when brewed for the first time.

Pour boiling water over the tea:

The water temperature for brewing green tea is 75-80 °C.

Do not brew the tea for too long:

The brewing time for green tea is 2-3 minutes. The tea changes its flavor with each new brewing. It becomes less saturated, but new shades of taste and aroma appear.

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