Say goodbye to the tinting: What popular products should not be used for car washing

Ihor Romanko

What products should not be used for car washing
What products should not be used for car washing

Spring is a great time to clean not only your home, but also to wash your car. If you decide not to use a car washing service, you should be aware that not all household cleaning products are suitable for washing your car to avoid possible damage.

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In particular, it is not recommended to use household glass cleaners on car windows, as Mirror warns. They contain ammonia, which can damage the tint coating and cause it to peel off with regular use.

Even ordinary cleaning sprays that are designed for glass can contain ammonia and cause damage to the coating of car glass. Therefore, before using such products on your car, make sure that they do not contain ammonia to avoid possible problems.

You should also avoid using dishwashing liquid on car paint, as it may contain aggressive substances that can corrode the car's paintwork and cause damage.

It is also important to remember that certain cleaning products can have a negative impact on acrylic side mirrors, causing them to yellow over time.

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