Prepare roses for winter in three steps: garden secrets

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Prepare roses for winter in three steps: garden secrets

Wintering is an important factor that will help you get the most out of the roses in the spring. The flowers can withstand frosty conditions as they go into dormancy.

However, gardeners can take additional measures to enhance the protection of roses. This was reported by Express.co.uk.

Preparing plants for winter is the best way to prevent severe injuries and ensure that flowering returns year after year. One of the best measures to protect garden roses is to pour mulch into a large mound above the bushes after pruning.

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The best mulch for this task is one that contains little or no water, as this prevents the protective shell from freezing too much. Roses can be mulched with a thick layer of straw, leaves, and compost.

You can also completely "bare" the roses to the leaves, remove all the small side shoots, and then tie them up. This way, you can get a wonderful spring bloom.

The side shoots of the rose bush are tied to the trellis as each of these small buds is going to put out a new stem. The more side shoots, the more flowers.

It is especially important to stop fertilising at least six weeks before the first frost, as this will prevent new growth. The plant is likely to enter a dormant state and activate its natural defence against the elements in time for winter.

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