Pensions, utility bills, fines and social benefits: what will change in Ukraine from February 1

Bylim Olena

Pensions, utility bills, fines and social benefits: what will change in Ukraine from February 1

Starting February 1, Ukraine will see several changes in the social sphere. In particular, this will affect utility tariffs, social benefits, and pensions.

According to BBC Ukraine, sanctions against utility debtors are expected in February. For overdue payments, consumers will have to pay fines and penalties, and in case of electricity debts, they will be disconnected from the power supply.

"At first, they will send customers bills demanding that they pay the debt or restructure it. And only after that, the disconnection will take place, which will also be warned several times, 10 and 5 days in advance," the statement said.

Payments to IDPs

From February 1, 2024, the authorities planned to cancel payments for most IDPs, but the assistance will be extended until March 1. The government has found UAH 6 billion for this purpose.

In the spring, only the most vulnerable categories of citizens will receive financial assistance.

Gas and gas network maintenance

Ukrainians will have to pay not only for gas use and gas delivery but also for the maintenance of in-house gas networks. The cost will not be constant - the amount of the fee will depend on the number of apartments in the building and technical features.


In January 2024, Ukraine increased pensions for certain categories of citizens. This increase was due to the revision of the subsistence minimum. In February 2024, pensions will be recalculated, which will also affect their amount.

As of February 1, 2024, the minimum pension will remain at UAH 2,361, and the maximum pension will be UAH 23610. In the second half of February, the specific figures for the pension indexation that will take place on March 1, 2024, will be announced.

Minimum wage

In addition, the current year's budget provides for an increase in the minimum wage. In February 2024, Ukrainians who received UAH 6,700 will receive UAH 7,100.


In February, subsidies will be calculated based on the average monthly income for the first and second quarters of the year. For pensioners, the amount of their pension for the month (i.e., as of August) will be taken into account in calculating their income.

The government has allocated UAH 50 billion for subsidies. Up to 3 million households in Ukraine use this service.

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