Gardeners share how to water plants in autumn to get a better harvest in summer

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Gardeners share how to water plants in autumn to get a better harvest in summer

In autumn, when temperatures begin to drop and plants are preparing for winter, it is important to water them properly. Proper watering in autumn will help plants accumulate nutrients and resistance to cold weather, which will lead to a more abundant harvest in summer.

In autumn, it is better to use rainwater or settled water to water plants. Rainwater contains microelements necessary for plants, and settled water does not contain chlorine, which can negatively affect their development.

In addition, organic fertilisers such as compost, manure, or nettle infusion can be used to water plants in autumn. Organic fertilisers will provide plants with the nutrients they need to prepare for winter.

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Watering plants in autumn should be moderate. Do not overwater the plants, as this can lead to their decay. On average, plants should be watered 1-2 times a week in autumn.

It is better to water plants in autumn in the evening or in the morning when there is no sun. This will help avoid evaporation of moisture and help plants absorb water better.

Gardeners' tips for watering plants in autumn

You can use drip irrigation to water plants in autumn. Drip irrigation allows you to evenly distribute water over the entire area, which is beneficial for plants.

If you grow plants in a greenhouse, you can use warm water to water your plants in autumn. Warm water will help the plants withstand the cold better.

If you are growing plants in pots, they need to be watered more often in autumn than plants grown in the ground. This is because pots dry out faster.

Following these recommendations will help you get a better harvest in the summer.

Gardeners also advise using a "natural growth stimulant" made from mushrooms for autumn watering.

To prepare this liquid, you only need waste from edible mushrooms or worm mushrooms.

To prepare this nutritious solution, you need to take mushrooms and their waste and grind them. Then pour water 1 to 1. That is, you need to take a bucket of chopped mushrooms for a bucket of water. Leave the soaked mushrooms to infuse, drain the water a day after, and then soak the mushrooms in clean water. Insist the solution for a day.

This "tincture" is poured "sparingly" under bushes and trees. Pour up to two litres under bushes and up to five litres under trees.

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