Some Ukrainians will receive a pension supplement: what is required

Diana Bondarenko

Some Ukrainians will receive a pension supplement: what is required
Who will receive a pension supplement. Source: pixabay

Some pensioners may receive an additional pension supplement. In particular, this applies to those elderly people who do not work, are not registered as individual entrepreneurs, and have children under the age of 18.

This was reported by the publication "Na Pensioni". According to the Cabinet of Ministers Resolution No. 654 "On Increasing the Level of Pension Provision for Citizens," such an increase will be paid for each child.

In addition, the supplement may be assigned to the following types of pension payments

  • old age pension
  • disability pension;
  • for length of service.

What you need to get a pension supplement for children

Only one of the parents can be granted a pension supplement for a child. However, the supplement is not provided for children who are persons with disabilities since childhood or children with disabilities.

The pensioner must provide a list of documents confirming that the citizen does not receive income that is the basis for the calculation of the unified social contribution. These are:

  • employment record book or information on employment from the register of insured persons;
  • a copy of the dismissal order;
  • data on the insured person;
  • information on the absence of state registration of the individual entrepreneur.

Instead, for persons with IDP status, the fact of dismissal from work will be established on the basis of a personal statement. The pensioner must also indicate the time when he or she has not been working.

To receive a pension supplement, the following documents must be submitted

  • an application for the appointment or recalculation of a pension
  • passport
  • TIN;
  • employment record book or other documents confirming that the pensioner is not employed or engaged in entrepreneurial activity;
  • birth certificate of a child dependent on the pensioner;
  • a certificate from the place of residence confirming dependency or cohabitation;
  • a certificate from the social security authority stating that the child has not received child benefits.

The application and documents can be submitted through your personal account on the Pension Fund's web portal or in person at a territorial service center of the Pension Fund.

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