No shouting or swearing: a dog handler explains how to wean a dog from picking up garbage on the street

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No shouting or swearing: a dog handler explains how to wean a dog from picking up garbage on the street

Almost all dogs have genetically determined reflexes - sniffing, searching, and chasing. The smell that interests the dog prompts it to taste the object.

If your dog picks up and chews on garbage on the street, it can get seriously poisoned. To prevent this from happening, you need to wean him off picking up different garbage, let alone tasting it.

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Dog handlers say that even if you feed your dog before a walk, he will still grab whatever he likes to smell.

Some dogs will benefit from a "snack in nature," especially if they are stressed out on the street. You can take some food with you and feed your pet from time to time to calm him down.

How to train your dog not to pick up food and garbage on the street:

Tell your dog "No!" as often as possible. If he tries to grab something, say "Ew!" or "No!" or "No!" in a commanding voice. At the same time, take what the dog tried to grab and throw it in the trash.

If the dog wants to pick up an object from the ground, step on it with your foot and repeat the prohibition. When your dog obeys, praise him.

Experts from the Barberpet website recommend the following training methods:

Pour food into a bowl and hold your pet for a few seconds. After that, give the command: "Alright!" and allow him to come to the bowl. The dog will begin to develop a reflex - when he wants to pick something up from the ground, he will first look at the owner for approval.

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Spread a few food pellets on the floor and walk past them with your dog on a leash. As soon as he reaches for the food, pull on the leash so that he can't reach the food and say "Ew!". If he obeys, praise and pets him.

"Give the command in a confident and clear voice, but not loudly and without aggression," the report says.

You can also use a whistle. For example, when your dog tries to reach for the garbage again, you say "Ew!" but he doesn't listen. Then you pull the leash and blow the whistle and say "Ew!" again.

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