The most popular user passwords that can be easily picked up by hackers are named

Bylim Olena

The most popular user passwords that can be easily picked up by hackers are named

Cybersecurity experts have named the most popular passwords that pose a potential threat to user security. These passwords, which can be easily picked up by hackers, show vulnerability and can lead to unauthorized access to personal information.

It is noted that despite constant warnings and recommendations on password security, many users continue to use weak and simple combinations. This makes their accounts particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Some of the most common passwords that top the lists are "123456", "password", and "qwerty". Other weak combinations include common names, dates of birth, and simple words and phrases that are easy for attackers to crack.

For example, the passwords "purple", "letmein", or "202201" can be cracked in less than a second. At the same time, it takes more than 2000 seconds to crack "wednesday1."

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Cybersecurity experts emphasize that the use of such weak passwords can lead to the loss of personal information, financial losses, and privacy violations. Recommendations for creating strong passwords include using combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters, as well as unique combinations for each account.

Experts also advise using two-factor authentication, which provides additional protection, as well as changing passwords regularly and avoiding using the same password for different services.

Users should pay due attention to their cybersecurity and take all security measures to prevent unauthorized access to their accounts and keep their personal information safe in the digital world.

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