Named 5 situations when it is better to turn off the mobile Internet on a smartphone

Ihor Romanko

When should you turn off 4G and LTE on your smartphone
When should you turn off 4G and LTE on your smartphone

Using a 4G network on your smartphone allows you to enjoy fast internet and advanced application features.

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However, there are situations when it is advisable to temporarily disable this function to ensure the quality of communication and save battery power. itechua experts have provided useful tips on how to use the 4G network in different conditions.

  1. Places with poor coverage: In areas with limited 4G coverage, if speed is not a priority, you can switch to a 3G or 2G connection. This will improve the quality of the connection and save battery power, as the phone will not constantly switch between different standards.
  2. High network congestion: In densely populated areas or during peak 4G network usage, the call quality may decrease. In such cases, you can switch to 3G, as 3G connection speeds can be even faster than 4G.
  3. Tariff with limited Internet: If your data plan has a limit on your data usage, switching to 3G can help you avoid unexpected costs.
  4. Data security: Scientists have found that 4G networks are more susceptible to cyberattacks. In this case, you should pay attention to transmitting important data through encrypted packets and, if necessary, turn off 4G.
  5. Energy saving: At night or in the background, some apps can consume unnecessary traffic and battery power. Consider turning off 4G during the night or turning off mobile data completely.

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