Here are the things that should never be left in a car in the heat

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Here are the things that should never be left in a car in the heat
Heat in the car

The heat in summer can be very dangerous, especially for those who are in a confined space, such as a car. If you leave certain things in the car, they can cause a fire, explosion, or other problems.

Experts named the top things that should not be left in the car in the heat:

  • Lighters,
  • Deodorants,
  • Medicines
  • Glasses
  • Glass bottles
  • Electronic equipment

These items can become dangerous when exposed to high temperatures. For example, lighters can explode, as can deodorants, medicines can go bad and become deadly, glasses can deform and create a lens effect that can lead to a fire, and electronic equipment can stop working.

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To protect yourself and your car, don't leave these things in the car during a heat wave. If you see someone leaving these things in the car, warn them about the danger.

Here are some additional tips to keep yourself and your car safe from the heat:

  1. Do not leave children or animals in a closed car, even for a short time.
  2. Before getting in the car, open the doors and windows to ventilate the interior.
  3. If possible, park your car in the shade.
  4. If you cannot park in the shade, cover the windshield with reflective film or newspaper.
  5. Install a thermostat in the car.
  6. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Do not overwork yourself.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid trouble and preserve your health and the health of your car during the heat wave.

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