Oceans found: Scientists believe alien life is on Uranus' moons

Ihor Romanko

Scientists find oceans on 4 moons of Uranus that may contain extraterrestrial life

Researchers have made new observations of the planet Uranus and its moons using a space telescope. According to NASA, four satellites of Uranus - Ariel, Umbriel, Titan, and Oberon - may have oceans beneath their icy surface. This discovery is of interest to scientists because such oceans could be potential habitats for extraterrestrial life. This is reported by the Mirror.

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NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft visited Uranus in 1986, and the data it collected is still being studied. Experts have analyzed this data and concluded that the presence of oceans on Uranus' moons is possible. These oceans, located at a considerable depth below the surface, could be unique environments for the development of life.

Julie Castillo-Roges, lead author of the study, noted that scientists have previously found evidence of oceans on other celestial bodies. These new studies allow us to better understand the possible mechanisms that lead to the formation of oceans, as well as their relationship to the presence of water and internal heat on various objects in the solar system.

The discovery of the existence of oceans on Uranus's moons raises new questions and stimulates further research. In the future, scientists plan to focus on further studying these sites and searching for additional evidence of extraterrestrial life in the Solar System.

As a reminder, astronomers were able to detect a radio signal from a distant galaxy at a distance of 8.8 billion light years from Earth. It may be related to an alien civilization.

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