An arrow appeared on nylon tights: how to hide it

Diana Bondarenko

An arrow appeared on nylon tights: how to hide it
How to ''save'' nylon tights

Every girl and woman has worn nylon tights at least once. However, sometimes fashionistas may face a problem: an arrow on their tights.

UAportal will tell you how to save the situation and make the arrow invisible. To do this, you can use some tools that can be found at home. In particular:

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1. Hairspray:

Spray hairspray on the arrow from a distance of about 30 centimetres. This will help stop the arrow from expanding. Then gently squeeze the material and spray it again. The arrow will then become invisible.

2. PVA glue:

If you have some PVA glue, apply it to the damaged area and the edges around it. Wait for the glue to dry completely and the arrow will be fixed and will not spread further.

3. Nail polish:

Take a transparent nail polish and apply it to the damaged arrow.

4. Soap:

If you don't have any of the above things to hand, then soap will do the trick. Soap your finger and apply it to the arrow and around the edges. In addition to soap, shampoo, shower gel or dishwashing gel will also work.

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